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This month concludes the global communications campaign, Indigenous Insights – Stewarding the Earth, which shared video messages from IUCN’s Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation members on the role of Indigenous leadership and governance in stewarding and defending nature in a key year for conservation policy. Thank you for being a part of the journey and click to review the series of video messages and see a summary of impact this year below. You can also scroll down to access videos and social media tools to help share this message.

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In September at the IUCN World Conservation Congress Indigenous Peoples reaffirmed their rights at the World Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nature. Together, IUCN Indigenous Peoples Organisation members presented their proposals as stewards of nature by launching their Global Indigenous Agenda for the Governance of Indigenous Lands, Territories, Waters, Coastal Seas and Natural Resources and calling on the global community to take affirmative actions to support implementation.

Ramiro Batzin, Director of Sotz’il and IUCN Councillor, summaries a year of achievement in advancing Indigenous priorities across environment policymaking:

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The last edition of 'Stewarding the Earth' is out 🙏 As 2021 draws to a close, @BatzinRamiro - @SOTZIL_MAYA Director and @IUCN Councillor - reflects on this year’s achievements and on the challenges ahead 👉

Ya ha salido la última edición de 'Salvaguardando la Naturaleza' 🙏 Mientras vamos cerrando el año 2021, @BatzinRamiro - Director de @SOTZIL_MAYA y Consejero de @IUCN - reflexiona sobre los logros de este año y sobre los retos futuros 👉 

'Stewarding the Earth' has come to an end 🙏 In this new and last edition @BatzinRamiro - @SOTZIL_MAYA Director and @IUCN Councillor - recalls the year’s many achievements and reflects on what lies ahead 👉

'Salvaguardando la Naturaleza' ha llegado a su fin 🙏 En esta nueva y última edición @BatzinRamiro - Director de @SOTZIL_MAYA y Consejero de @IUCN - recuerda los muchos logros del año y reflexiona sobre lo que queda por delante 👉

2021 has been a year of achievements for IUCN's IPO Members. In this new and last edition of 'Stewarding the Earth', @BatzinRamiro - @SOTZIL_MAYA Director and @IUCN Councillor - looks back at the past year and takes a look at the year ahead 👉

'L’Intendance de la Terre' est arrivé à son terme 🙏 Dans cette nouvelle et dernière édition, @BatzinRamiro - Directeur de @SOTZIL_MAYA et Conseiller de @IUCN - rappelle les nombreuses réalisations de l'année et réfléchit à ce qui nous attend 👉


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